Clean Brief

Clean Brief

Make sending briefs a lot quicker with project planning on the move

For anyone planning a project, sending a brief is an important part of the process. But setting it up can be a time-consuming endeavor, and the end product can often be confusing. The Clean Brief intends to take all of the hassle out of this process with an app that allows you to create and email a detailed yet clear brief in a matter of minutes.

The app has simple intentions, and is equally straightforward in its functions. Press Start, and you are presented with the first of ten screens with boxes to fill in. The questions let you provide a variety of information about the brief, such as who it’s is aimed at, tech requirements, style guides and more. These questions are split into separate, structured categories – such as objectives and budget – and each one is clear to understand. You are offered suggestions for most of them – click these to automatically fill in the field.

Some of these questions will not be relevant to your project, but you can leave them blank. It’s a shame you can’t delete entries, as the field will still appear on your brief when you email it. It’s also an oversight that you don’t have the option to add customised questions, though you can edit and add text when you email the brief.

The interface itself is nicely designed, with a sketchy, hand-drawn look, but it remains clear and clean. You can skip to different screens using the numbered buttons at the bottom, which is about all the navigation that is required. There are no extra options or settings, which limits customisation, but adds to the simplicity that is key to this app. This app may be basic, but it could prove useful for those wanting to get a detailed brief out quickly.

Rated 3 out of 5

A well designed, simple app that makes the process of writing briefs quick and easy.