Cheeky Chins Review

Cheeky Chins Review

Cheeky Chins Review

Create and share cheeky video messages with a difference, thanks to Cheeky Chins for iPhone

Ever wondered what the point is of having a chin? Wonder no more; download Cheeky Chins and all will be revealed. It might appear to be a simple app, and in some ways it is, but many hours of fun can be had with it.

On opening Cheeky Chins, you’re presented with a camera-like interface and your face staring back at you. Align the mouth and chin outline with your own features then, keeping your phone as still as possible, press the red record icon at the bottom. Speak your message clearly then press the record button again to stop recording and be taken to the next stage.

This is the fun part. Your chin is automatically flipped upside down, and there is a selection of accessories at the bottom including headwear, hair, eyes and facial hair. Simply drag your desired item into position to create a character. All sorts of cheeky characters can be formed, from stern-faced policemen to startled-looking jesters. Press Next and your character is fully formed, along with a play button that will play your message in a comical voice as the character’s lips move.

The effect can be hilarious. Press the Share button and you can email it, post it on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, or simply save it to your Camera Roll. It’s a great way to keep children entertained but we’re sure adults will gain just as much enjoyment from it too. An example of a simple app that has been executed flawlessly.

Rated 5 out of 5

A unique way of sending messages using your face, voice and some humorous accessories.