Checkmark 2 Review

Checkmark 2 Review

Checkmark 2 Review

Checkmark 2 is a location-based reminder app for iPhone to help you tackle your to-dos

If you find yourself constantly forgetting important tasks – putting the dog outside and taking the dustbins for a walk – then Checkmark 2 is here to help.

It’s an intelligent, tidy to-do list manager that’s flexible enough to adapt to your way of working. The more tasks you have to handle, the better Checkmark 2 gets, so it can help you get on top of your to-do list in no time.

There are three ways to organise your to-dos: by date, by location or by lists. You can set a reminder to watch Sherlock at 9pm, for example, or to pick up a box of cornflakes the next time you’re at the supermarket. Having your phone ping with a reminder when you walk through the home or office door is a great aid when it comes to keeping tasks in mind and you can also set reminders to go off when you leave a place. For example, you might want to set up a reminder to stop for petrol when you leave work.

The Lists section enables you to split up tasks into categories free from deadlines or locations, so you can use it for shopping lists, chores around the home, work projects or anything else you find helpful. As a total package, Checkmark 2 is intuitive, powerful and genuinely useful – and while some additional features (such as photo support) would be handy, they’re not essential.

Rated 5 out of 5

Top-notch to-do list manager that isi s truly useful.