Charlie Brown’s All Stars! Review

Charlie Brown’s All Stars! Review

Snoop around this adventure with everyone’s favourite kid

Charlie Brown’s adventures have endured for a long time and while there are lots of cartoon strips and TV episodes, few really bring him to life in the same way as this app. As you would expect, the experience is interactive, which brings a fresh dimension to the storytelling. While you cannot do too much with the on-screen characters, there is enough to keep even the most easily bored children going.

The classic story revolves around friendship, and the fostering of team spirit is as much a learning process as it is an actual yarn of the story. There is an educational feel to the proceedings and a pervading sense of emotion as you go through the book. You can use the iPad to tilt and swipe on the screen and get involved with the action to a degree. You can swing a bat, catch a ball or touch the characters and have them slide, move and wobble around.

All the time you have great narration from Stephen Shea who is the voice of Linus van Pelt, and work has been done to bring the original illustrations, voices and music together too. This story is based on the animated TV special from 1966 so there is a massive dollop not only of authenticity but of nostalgia too, particularly for those who may have experienced it the first time around.

And that is what makes it so special. It’s less the interaction and more the fact that it is something both parents and children can enjoy. There’s also a learning process going on with being able to turn the narration on and off, have words highlighted or tap on a word to hear it spoken. It works on the iPhone 5 as well and it takes full advantage of the screen.

All of this ensures that the Charlie Brown stories endure and remain relevant to today’s audience. It’s not a short book so there’s plenty of lastability and a feeling that you can go back over it again and again. It’s definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Rated 4 out of 5

The tale makes for a good bedtime story or a great way to see this childhood favourite come to life with modern technology.