Cell and Cell Structure

Cell and Cell Structure

The internal world of cells brought engagingly to life thanks to the functionality of the iPad

This interactive educational app from Emantras is a superb learning aid for students who wish to learn about cells. Upon launching the app, you are presented with three main menu options – ‘All About Cells’, ‘Interactive Activities’ and ‘Videos’. The ‘All About Cells’ section provides an in-depth understanding of pretty much any topic related to cells, all laid out as a list of questions.

The ‘Interactive Activities’ section allows you to test your understanding on everything you’ve learned via a quiz, wordsearch and flash cards – the latter being the perfect way for students to retain information. The ‘Videos’ section takes the user on a fantastic journey straight into the core of a cell to explore them in vivid detail. We must confess to being cynical about this app as a learning aid. When examining the ‘All About Cells’ section, we were initially turned off by the bullet-point manner in which you are drip-fed information.

It was only when we saw how much information there is that we realised that small, bite-sized portions is probably the only way to go, as due to the sheer depth of the subject, it would be nigh-on impossible to remember anything other than the basic facts. Credit must also be given to the illustrations that accompany your educational journey, and the various interactive sparks that keep you interested in the subject, but are not too excessive in frequency so as to become an unwanted distraction.

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this as a study aid. It nails the subject matter, and is cheap enough so that you don’t have to revise from a host of different websites.

Rated 5 out of 5

Initially seems fluffy, vague and gimmicky, but is a great learning aid.