Catch Notes Review

Catch Notes Review

Catch Notes Review

It’s another note-syncing app, but will this catch on?

Note-taking apps are one of the oldest smartphone programs, and things went a step further when it was possible to sync notes across devices. Evernote emerged as the top choice for many, but it’s worth considering Catch Notes, which not only looks sharper and brighter, but is a very useful, flexible and innovative offering.

You can use it to collaborate with other people, each making additions to a note as and when inspiration strikes. Notes can be commented on, and this means the original note remains intact. It allows for greater flow of thought and interaction.

What is of most use here is the hashtag tagging system, which you insert into the note itself, negating the need to tap them into a separate box. People can quickly find subjects by searching for that tag. Simple, yet very effective.

Much work has been put into the design of the app. A simple button opens a new note, and a wonderful dial menu pops up to give you lots of options in a small, non-obstructive yet striking space. This lets you add an image, an audio note, checklist item, typed note or reminder, each of which enhance the note-taking considerably.

Catch Notes is a great alternative to Evernote, and it will win many fans among those looking for something different.

Rated 4 out of 5

If you take Catch Notes in its own right, there is no doubting that it is one of the best note-taking apps around.


  • perfumeaddict

    Catch has announced that it will be discontinued 8/31/13. Any suggestions for alternatives? I’m looking for something that shares notes between my Android device and PC.

  • Dale Martin

    Haven’t no seen ANYTHING nearly as good!
    Using Mobisle Notes now, and tried out most
    of major alternatives.