Castro – High Fidelity Podcasts Review

Castro – High Fidelity Podcasts Review

Castro – High Fidelity Podcasts Review

Castro for iPhone makes podcasts look as good as they sound

The developers of Castro are keen to point out that this was an app designed for iOS 7. In truth they didn’t have to say anything at all; just taking a tour of this app tells you all you need to know. The opacity and layering that is a hallmark of Apple’s new look is clear to see, as are some of the features that Castro offers.

Taking advantage of background updates, your podcast list is constantly being refreshed, and the app also has a News section where all the latest episodes of the most popular shows are kept. It’s such a clean and tidy interface that Castro makes you want to explore, subscribing and listening to even more podcasts – and surely that can only be a good thing given the subject matter it is supporting.

You can listen to episodes without having to subscribe to get a flavour of the show, and you can also mark an episode as ‘Listened’ to maintain your housekeeping and save yourself checking where you got up to. Crucially, as well as streaming podcasts, Castro supports offline playback, meaning you can listen to your episodes regardless of where you are.

Driven by gestures and a great interface, there aren’t many better looking ways to organise a podcast library on your iPhone that feel as good as this. Give it a try over the service you’re currently using; the chances are you won’t go back afterwards.

Rated 5 out of 5

It may be a little pricey, but Castro’s user-friendly nature makes it a worthy investment.