Caspar Babypants Music Time! Review

Caspar Babypants Music Time! Review

Caspar Babypants Music Time! Review

Musical entertainment for toddlers and parents for iPhone and iPad

After founding the rock band The Presidents of the United States of America, performing world tours and selling countless albums, Chris Ballew found himself a new career as a children’s entertainer under the stage name Caspar Babypants. He has six music albums and now an iPad app too. They are all aimed at youngsters and the idea is to encourage them to enjoy music and play along.

The home screen provides access to the six albums and you get two songs from each one with the app. If you already own any of the albums or buy them, the app is then able to play any of the songs on the iPad.

When the music starts there are three instruments to choose from that enable you to play along. A xylophone and guitar are available and you don’t need to know anything about music because the instruments can only play notes from the song’s chords. As the chords change, so do the notes and you can tap the xylophone and pick or strum the guitar strings in any order. There is also a drum kit kids can bash in time to the music. Hopefully, the child will learn to get creative with the notes they play.

In addition to the instruments, there is one more option and that is to display the lyrics as they are sung. You and your child can sing along, make music and have fun.

Rated 3 out of 5

A different way for parents and children to experience music and spend time together.