The creators of LinkedIn create the premier business card App

The App Store certainly isn’t short on business card programmes. Designed to make copying the sheer volume of contacts you may receive a fair bit easier, the biggest problem usually centres around the fact that many of the applications aren’t as consistent as you may like. On top of this, a fair few feel cheap, which is not the best vibe for a professionally focused app. Thankfully, CardMunch bucks this trend.

Developed by the people behind LinkedIn, CardMunch exists to import details from business cards simply by taking their photo. Along with taking this information and giving you the option to save it in on your device, you can also upload it directly to your LinkedIn profile, thus making the process much easier. Thanks to this relationship, if it recognises the business card, CardMunch will locate the LinkedIn account that matches the information and provide a picture, further information and other contacts that may be of use to you. Furthermore, the app itself is incredibly simple to use, walking you through the very few steps so there’s no confusion, even if you aren’t familiar with some of its competitors.

Our only real problem with it is when it comes to accuracy. We ran a few business cards through the process, and found it often got confused when lifting the details. For example, despite two of our cards reading ‘Editor’, CardMunch insisted on putting the word ‘Deputy’ in front. It’s not a horrendous problem, as it’s easy to edit information, but given how smooth the rest of the app is, it’s a slight bugbear. The fact that CardMunch is free means annoyances like these are easier to take, and it really is the only blip in an otherwise fine programme.

Obviously aimed at those who use LinkedIn for professional needs, CardMunch is still extremely useful. The technology continues to impresses, and even with its slight frustrations is definitely one of the better versions out there. If you’re overwhelmed by the competition, we’d happily advise resting your worries and downloading CardMunch instead. A flawed gem.

Rated 4 out of 5

CardMunch’s ease of use makes it a fine app, only let down due to its slightly hit-and-miss reliability.