CaptureNotes2 Review

CaptureNotes2 Review

Another one for the note-taking fraternity

Note-taking apps are nothing new, so it means that originality and innovation are more important than ever if you want to stand out and convince iOS device owners to choose you for their productivity needs. The team at CaptureNotes obviously realised this, and put together a big update to help make their app a more viable option for users. The result is CaptureNotes 2, with added social aspects so you can share your various notebooks to places like Evernote and Dropbox.

This though is still not the highlight, for that remains in the form of its ‘flags’ and the clever way in which you can instantly link different parts of your notebooks. There are initially eight flags that appear on-screen that users can drag and drop anywhere into a note as a bookmark of sorts. If none of those that already exist meet the criteria you’re looking for then you can create your own. The beauty of this feature is not simply the colour-coding of different parts of your work, but if you tap the filter flags icon and then one of the flags used within a notebook, you can see all the areas of the notebook that have been linked to that tag. This means you can see your notes in the same place, even if they were taken down at different times. It is the very definition of productivity, and arguably the main reason you should try out CaptureNotes.

Of course, it also helps that the app comes with a solid range of input options, including a handwriting as well as typing tool. Within each of your main binders you can create individual notebooks to breakdown all your notes as you wish, and you can again deploy the flag filtering technique here in order to create new notebooks of text depending on the flags added to them. CaptureNotes also supports image upload and the ability to import PDFs for annotation and note-making.

In short, CaptureNotes 2 has everything you need in a productivity app on iPad, with the flags feature making for a very interesting USP.

Rated 4 out of 5

Solid interface with some inspiring functionality, CaptureNotes 2 will keep you productive.