CaptureAudio Review

CaptureAudio Review

CaptureAudio Review

Not only captures audio but earmarks the best moments too

There is a recording device built into the iPhone so when a developer produces an app that touches on the same function, it obviously needs to be better – especially given that, in this case, it needs to be paid for. The good news is that CaptureAudio, once you figure the structure of the app, is amazing. Once you use it, you’ll continue to make it your first port of call for recording voice memos.

What makes this a particularly useful app is the use of binders and notebooks, which allows for very neat organisation of your recordings. As soon as you make a recording, you are able to have it placed within this structure and what is even better is that you can also mark them so that they are identifiable straight away. These are called flags and they are used to mark important parts of a message.

So, for example, you can mark a recording as email and that icon will display next to it when it is saved. This is great if you are interviewing someone and they say something particularly interesting that you wish to keep. On top of all of this, you can access the recordings in iTunes as well. It really is that good.

We do have some gripes, though. The presentation could be a little better. Even though you can go straight to the recording, it doesn’t have the friendly sheen of some apps. But that’s being picky. This is all about the audio.

Rated 5 out of 5

An app you will go to time and time again for sound recordings, given its innovative array of features.