CanOpener Review

CanOpener Review

CanOpener Review

Audiophiles rejoice, your ultimate plaything is here – CanOpener on iOS

Getting the sound of your music just right is not as niche an idea as it used to be. After all, collectively we seem to take more time than ever to pick out a new set of headphones or earbuds depending on what we want for our ears. CanOpener is the app to accompany your musical anorak side, as it hands audio control to you, combining a cool, visually-driven interface with some powerful tweaking tools to create a playground for those who want to tailor their listening experience.

It is worth firstly mentioning the simplicity of the app – there is no music import needed; CanOpener will dip straight into your iTunes library when you hit Play, though it should be noted that this is the only source it will use to play music.  From here you have a host of features to try out and experiment with, listening to how each gesture you make affects the sound. This is an area for real audiophiles, with a crossfeed, equaliser and dosimeter as the core settings you can change. For the less adventurous or knowledgeable, there are some presets in the crossfeed section to help you get started.

Having said that, CanOpener can easily be picked up by the audio novice and appreciated because of the simple intuition at its heart and the instant and noticeable changes gestures make to what you hear.

Rated 4 out of 5

Has the technology to please those who love the physics of soundwaves, and the smart intuition for newbies who just want to experiment.