Discover new music in comfort

Campout is pitched as being like a music festival in your pocket, and while it has no real-life interactions or any kind of visual flair, you do get to discover a wealth of new music without the discomfort of sitting in a field.

The principle is simple: Campout plays you music from a pool of the Bandcamp website’s independent artists, allowing you to discover new talent and listen to their artistic masterpieces. There’s not much else to it, but it’s a concept we can really get on board with. You have the option to click on ‘Play Me Anything’, in which the app will randomly select an artist for you, or you can search for a band if you know who you’re looking for.

There’s also a Trending section where popular artists are showcased, and you can set albums as favourites in order to come back to them again. Additionally, you can click to view the artist in Bandcamp (out of the app), and there are thumbnails of the album artwork, but that’s pretty much all this app features.  Campout is smooth to navigate, with four buttons at the bottom of the screen, and the design – which looks like an amp – is a nice touch, too.

The songs are streamed, however, so it’s best to use this app on a Wi-Ficonnection, or else it will suck away at your data plan. The streaming takes seconds, though, and we experienced no long waiting times or tracks stopping for buffering. Based on our experience, the songs in this app are generally an eclectic mix and of a high quality, so the chances are that your Favourites section will soon start to fill up.

It may be lacking in fancy features or extra content, but what’s here is pretty solid.  There are plenty of free radio-style apps out there that offer pretty much the same thing, but with over 100,000 artists in this collection, and a mere few coins to pay for it, there’s not much to quibble about here. Campout is a nice addition to your music collection that could see you discovering your next new favourite band in no time at all and not a Porta-Potty in sight.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great way to discover new music, and its simplicity doesn’t matter when it works so well.


  • Evan Twist

    The app is no longer available in the US store.