Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome

A lot of picture potential in a small package

Camera Awesome as an app seems to have taken it’s inspiration from Doctor Who’s TARDIS, in that from the outside it looks like a standard photo editing app, but open it and you’re presented with a much larger world.

The app is a point-and-shoot camera app on top, but once you get into the editing sequence, you can’t help but be impressed with the level of detail and experimentation that is available to you. Although it will take some in-app purchases to unlock all the app’s finer details, there is more than enough instantly available on the free download to keep you occupied.

The app has a lot of interactivity built in, with pinching the screen acting as the zoom gesture, and you can also adjust the focus and exposure of the camera by manipulating the on-screen icons that appear with a tap. The app feels like it wants to be played with, and each of the editing facilities coming with their own menu and icons. The Awesomize feature comes with a host of scroll bars that fill your screen, begging to be moved around, altering your image in the process. It all looks a bit light-hearted, but you are in fact adjusting different aspects of your image, like the contrast and sharpness in a professional manner.

Just to emphasise the great interface that Camera Awesome has, you can sign in to your various social networks and set-up one tap sharing within the app. It appears developer SmugMug has thought of everything.

Rated 5 out of 5

Get professional results from an easy-to-use interface that will appeal to all skill levels.