CalCube Review

CalCube Review

CalCube Review

It’s hip to be a square with fully-featured calendar app CalCube for iPhone and iPad

Calendars may not be the most exciting things in the world but they sure are important. People tend to want their calendar apps to work for them, presenting themselves in a simple manner and allowing for easy navigation. Throw in alerts, weather updates and some external support and you’d feel you’re on on to a winner.

That brings us to CalCube. It’s a calendar on a cube. And it works like a dream. It has all of the aforementioned qualities with the main theme being its ease of use. From the set-up process – which lets you integrate your Apple calendar, select whether or not you want the date displayed on the app icon and weather placed within the dates – to the actual calendar itself, you can get to grips with CalCube in no time.

Swiping left shows you a week-by-week view. Swiping down will show the overall year and swiping up lets you search for events. It feels slick and intuitive and it looks great, taking on the themes of iOS 7 and making it look like a proprietary app, albeit one that Apple should have thought of from the start.

It’s great to see that it syncs with iCloud, iCal and Google Agenda and that you can change any settings at any time. Adding events feels fluid too. Tap on a day and a series of boxes appear. It uses a simple series of dropdowns and sliders.

Rated 5 out of 5

One of the most innovative calendar displays we’ve seen for a very long time. Well worth the price.