Business Secrets

Business Secrets

Business Secrets

Every commerce secret you could ever need in one place

There are countless iPhone applications that claim to help you succeed in business. From simple apps dedicated to one subject to more complex solutions that will come in useful every day, the choice is varied and it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to take advice from.

Business Secrets is published by HarperCollins, so this offers a reassuring start thanks to the well-known name. What’s more, the overall presentation is simply brilliant. It manages to present 18 categories, which are all accessible from one screen, in a manner that feels friendly yet with reassuring, insider knowledge. It should appeal to anyone who wants to learn more about and engage with the dog-eat-dog world of business. Everything is built around levels; you select a topic and then utilise the sliding mechanism to choose a sub-topic. At this point you can tap the Read More button to see extra information, then store it as a favourite or mark it as read. Ideally, you will want to read each section in order, but the way the app works makes it easy to choose exactly how you want to consume the information. It could be described as merely an eBook and, in some ways, it is, but by splitting the guidance into bite-sized chunks everything feels much easier to digest, and it is likely that the information will be assimilated more readily. This also makes it ideal to read if you have a spare hour or just a minute; pick the topic you want to learn more about then sit back and absorb the tips.

Of course a clean presentation and clever mechanics mean nothing if the content is useless. Fortunately the content is sure to benefit anyone who wants to understand more about areas ranging from people management to mind power. The topics cover every major area of business today, and the way they are digitally laid out makes the learning process a lot more easy-going than reading through page after page of a dense manual or textbook. The aim is to learn business secrets, and you will, but the real bonus here is how easily the information can be adsorbed using this impressive app.

Rated 5 out of 5

A clever and well-presented learning tool for anyone in business.