Swap details instantly

Bump is the deceptively simple brainchild of three ex-Texas Instruments employees who founded Bump Technologies to improve the ease of information sharing via mobile platforms. Bump was developed as a quick, easy alternative to typing new contacts into your iPhone, instead offering an elegant solution: just ‘bump’ two phones together while running the app to exchange contact information.

The app works by sending data to a server across a wireless connection, be it Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge, using your location information and a clever algorithm to match your phone to the phone you bumped. Once both users confirm they want to exchange data, the server pairs the two handsets. The result is one of the most effortless apps available, doing away with the process of setting up a wireless connection such as Bluetooth altogether – and apart from the occasional connection/detection issue, it works perfectly. Ideal for movers and shakers, or friends and family. Recent updates for Bump make it just as easy to select and share multiple contacts and photos, compare calendars and connect to social networking sites.

Despite growing in features, Bump is founded on the principle of simplicity, reflected in the social networking functionality, which enables you to bump to become friends on Facebook/LinkedIn, or a Twitter follower. Another recent feature enables users to maintain an open connection after a bump, so that you can send unlimited messages, contacts and photos to friends subsequently, regardless of location. While a neat feature, there’s also an option to block contacts should they attempt to bombard you with their holiday snaps.

Sharing calendar information is potentially the most interesting new feature. Requiring iOS 4.0, it provides a way to sync your schedule with others’ remotely and on the fly, or to put it another way, provides a 21st Century solution to an age-old problem. Bump’s tactile trigger is the app’s unique selling point, however, and it’s the act of bumping to link phones that has seen the tech integrated into other data-exchange apps such as PayPal. Cross-platform compatibility with other mobiles is the icing on the cake for an inspired app.

Rated 4 out of 5

If it continues its ascent, expect ‘bumping’ to enter tech vernacular. Apps don’t get more straightforward.