Bullseye by Polyphonic Spree

Bullseye by Polyphonic Spree

Moonbot Studios usher in a new age of music video

It’s been four long years since The Polyphonic Spree’s last studio album, with the latest due for release this year. Until then you should consider downloading this intriguing app, a unique collaboration between The Polyphonic Spree and developer Moonbot Studios that is both a music video for the band’s new single and an interactive experience.

Bullseye tells the story of You-Me, a stick character who journeys through an ethereal landscape. As You-Me makes its way through Moonbot’s dreamlike world, it’s possible to interact with specific objects and items by tapping them.

Stems sprout leaves and turn into magnificent trees, mountains can be created and weird creatures can be interacted with, once You-Me has joined with his mate, you can even change the way he moves. It’s admittedly simplistic stuff, but it works because it’s in synch with the beautiful soundtrack.

As with many rhythm action games, tapping objects produces different sounds (the huge tree found at the video’s finale is a real joy to play around with), cleverly meshing the stunning audio and visuals. While seemingly costly, Bullseye’s not far off the price of a normal single and is on a par with a typical music video.

Obviously a lot of your enjoyment of Bullseye will depend on how much you like The Polyphonic Spree and their music, but even if you don’t know them from outside the odd TV ad, the soothing audio is well worth a listen. Here’s hoping that other musicians team up with talented developers in the future for more great apps like this.

Rated 4 out of 5

You might not like the Spree, but there’s no denying they’ve created an extremely entertaining app.