East meets west in the most unlikely of ways

There’s more to meditation than just relaxing. It’s about awareness – of the body, the mind and the world. Buddhify acknowledges that in our hectic lifestyles there’s often not enough time in the day to find a suitable place to meditate, and in doing so has offered this handy solution.

By having a series of audio clips direct you through a single meditation, newcomers and those who meditate regularly can drop into Buddhify with ease. The softly spoken voice, well-timed pauses and expertly scripted descriptions help ease into a state of calmness – open, safe and willing, as the app would put it.

There are four flavours of meditation – clarity, connection, stability and embodiment – each of which come in short (three minutes) or full-length sessions (ten minutes). Alongside this is a set of four key ‘areas’ where this app should be used, whether in the quiet of the home, commuting to work, walking from home or even while at the gym. Each is designed to communicate the sense of mental strength that meditation hopes to achieve, while not ignoring the situations you might find yourself in. The app itself is fairly simple, and each track must be downloaded before it can be played – worth remembering ahead of your journey to work – but for helping bring a sense of personal happiness while strengthening the mind, there are few apps as suited to its job as this one.

Rated 5 out of 5

Much like meditation itself, Buddhify is uncluttered, and great for a sense of satisfaction.