Bubl Draw review

Bubl Draw review

Bubl Draw review

Tap, scribble and draw to create beautiful music with Bubl Draw’s creative app for kids

When it comes to making music on iPhone or iPad, it doesn’t have to be about beatpads, pro DJ mixing desks and virtual guitars. Bubl Draw offers something different because the screen is not only your instrument; it’s also your canvas.

Designed as an interactive development tool for young children, Bubl Draw’s incredibly simple to use. But herein lies the brilliance. There are six ‘instruments’ to play with, but each one is actually a coloured brush that you can use. Tap one and you can paint on the screen. Draw lines, or join a line to itself to create a circle. Once they’re on the page, you can tap the lines to add balls that move along them making sounds, or tap a circle to create a one-off sound. These sounds mix beautifully together, creating a melody without any effort.

There are three different soundboards, too, with each one offering a collection of instruments, beats, and sounds. Each of these soundboards are different from each other, and mixing sounds is so much fun it’s likely that you’ll spend more time playing with the app than your kids. If you can bear to part with it, the app is perfect for youngsters; the bright colours, simple interface and immediate, melodic reward make it extremely easy to pick up and enjoy. Get Bubl Draw for your kids and you’ll both fall in love with using it.

Rated 5 out of 5

Drawing and music merge in a lovely example of how to make music fun for young children.