Britannica Kids – Dinosaurs

Britannica Kids – Dinosaurs

Britannica Kids – Dinosaurs

One to get your kids roaring happily?

Want to help your kids learn their Cretaceous from their Jurassic? Britannica Kids – Dinosaurs is one to get their prehistoric-loving peepers set on. Not only is this informative and crammed full of dino facts, but it also includes some fun games, such as jigsaws, magic squares and a pairs game to boot.

The articles themselves cover all the facts, like eras, evolution, groups, diet, life cycles, how they were discovered and much more. The only criticism is that the articles could have been written and presented in a much more fun way, and we aren’t sure how long this would hold a child’s attention.

The high density of facts is a lot for a child to get their head around; perhaps annotated pictures, videos and suchlike would have been a better way to go.

Similarly, the Dinosaur A-Z list, while educational, could have presented its facts differently to engage little ones. A Top Trumps-style game may have been a better method of teaching kids the differences between the creatures.

Overall though, Britannica Kids – Dinosaurs is a well-rounded educational tool. Its price may be set a bit too high, but the inclusion of some fun games and slick presentation make it one app you’d be happy to let you kids get their grubby mitts on your iDevice for.

Rated 3 out of 5

A fun, fact-filled app that will soon leave your kids more educated about dinosaurs than you are.


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