Brit + Co Review

Brit + Co Review

Get your craft and your cook on, in style

For those who love nice things and wish to be inspired, the lush-looking Brit + Co. app is an amazingly clean and intuitive offering that will show you a host of innovative ideas. Exuding suggestions for simple, beautiful and creative living, the screen is broken up into huge boxes, with six to an iPad’s display. Highly visual and with enticing headlines, they are sure to pull you in. The app is aimed at crafty, house proud types, and is friendly and approachable. It starts by introducing Brit, who looks as though she lives comfortably in the upper tax bracket.

But she is not the main focus – the articles are, and tapping the option button in the top-right corner of the screen pulls up a massive selection of categories, each one packed with articles. They include Living, Tech, Food, Style, Health, Events, Episodes and Tutorials. Episodes displays loads of videos for a range of items, from making cupcakes to turning old books into clocks.

The videos are sourced from YouTube, play within seconds when tapped and are very inspiring. The tutorials are quality breakdowns of another range of items with vivid images that make use of the Retina display, and which show the steps in clear and concise ways – so befitting of the overall quality package.

Rated 5 out of 5

This is how iPad content apps should be. Bold and immersive, with lots of multimedia content.