Breach & Clear Review

Breach & Clear Review

Breach & Clear Review

Test your leadership skills with this turn-based tactical combat game for iPhone, iPad and Android

In Breach & Clear you control a combat team that must enter buildings and clear them of terrorists. The small amount of money you start with is just enough to hire and equip a four-man assault team. Navy SEALs, Army SF and other special forces are available, and each has a range of men to choose from. You choose the role for each soldier, such as leader, weapons sergeant, medic and so on. Each has special abilities and gear can be purchased, such as helmets, guns, flash bombs and so on. Money is tight, but each mission earns you more and this enables you to buy more firepower for your team.

Your men assemble outside a building drawn in 3D, cut away so you can see inside. Each member is selected in turn and clicking inside sets the position he is to move to. Waypoints can be set and soldiers instructed to look in a particular direction for hidden terrorists. Tap the ‘Breach’ button and the team executes your commands. After watching the action, you issue more orders and move the team further into the building, clearing each room of terrorists.

It’s interesting to choose different strategies, upgrade the weapons, use special skills and so on. However, only one of the three campaigns and three of its five scenarios are playable. The game clearly isn’t finished, but is nevertheless enjoyable to play and relatively inexpensive.

Rated 3 out of 5

This is good as far as it goes, but it is a work in progress. Hopefully more to come in updates.