BrainPOP UK Featured Movie

BrainPOP UK Featured Movie

BrainPOP UK Featured Movie

Brainpop UK Featured Movie is unique and interactive learning experience for all ages

BrainPOP UK Featured Movie offers many unique features and uses logical tools to teach children about different topics. From science to maths to the arts, the range of content is broad, but it is in the presentation that it truly shines. You get to watch a new animated movie every day that includes many interesting facts, and when you have finished, you can take a quiz to see how much of the information was taken in.

The ability to view all of the movies at any time is also available via a reasonable monthly subscription for parents, or through a special rate for school that makes the app accessible to students in the classroom and at home. Add to this a set of questions that are incredibly well designed and a high level of care and attention throughout, and we have an absorbing and fun app that offers a huge amount of longevity.

There are many ways to teach children, but the combination of humour, visuals and carefully considered factual information in BrainPOP UK Featured Movie come together to create an experience that takes away all of the fear of learning instantly. When learning is fun, it is likely to be more beneficial and here we have an app that offers benefits to anyone who uses it.

Rated 5 out of 5

A compelling and enjoyable way to teach children, and adults, new facts in many topics.