Boxee for iPad

Boxee for iPad

Who knew watching videos could be made even easier?

If there’s one thing we’re always looking out for, it’s the iPad’s ability to make everything easier. You’ll probably be able to recall the first time you held one, and how having everything you needed a button press away was borderline mind-blowing.

Boxee offers something similar, but exclusively for video. By dragging in content from around the internet, users can line up a string of videos to watch. This is managed through a web browser and a simple Javascript tag. Found a video you’d like to watch? Boxee will store it for later viewing.

There’s a selection of featured videos from the team behind Boxee – most of which are an interesting watch, regardless of personal tastes – but the real benefit comes from having a live feed of suggested videos from friends attached to your Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts.  And for those who like to store a lot of videos – whether it’s personal home movies, or a favourite trailer ripped from YouTube – Boxee can even stream videos from your PC or Mac.

In fact, while necessary software is required before this can work, it doesn’t need to be active for Boxee to keep an eye on what videos you have ready to watch. Just point it at the folders you want, and Boxee will do the rest. The video quality is pixel-perfect, making full use of the gorgeous iPad screen. The UI is easy to navigate; simply swipe across the separate panels to find the video you want, so there’s no fussing around trying to get things to work.

It’s a case of opening the app and viewing whatever videos you’ve stored ready. Our only complaint would be the difficulty in setting up the app to function with the iPad’s browser, which requires certain settings to be active. Still, the Boxee website does a good job of explaining exactly how to create the bookmarklet and, once done, you’ll never need to worry about it again. From there it’s a case of simply tagging any videos you come across with the handy little button in Safari. If you like video, then you’ll love Boxee.

Rated 5 out of 5

A well designed app that really makes good use of the iPad’s screen.