The news not when it happens, but as it happens…

Oddly, if you’ve no friends in this world whatsoever, Boxcar is certainly the app for you – though we sincerely doubt that was Jonathan George’s intention in creating it.

More central to its existence is the plethora of social networking options available online nowadays.

Whether it’s through Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google Buzz or any other portal, there’s no shortage of places to keep up with current events of a serious or comedic nature.

Trouble is, having so many sources can lead to mass confusion amid the bundles of data being cleaved out of the internet and thrown in the unsuspecting user’s direction each day.

Boxcar effectively addresses this situation by breaking down each of the above providers – along with email and RSS feeds – providing push notifications to your Apple device throughout the day the very instant one person or outlet updates.

Rather than than having to scroll through perhaps hundreds of Twitter feeds, or the brain-dead output of Facebook friends whose only concern is their next binge drinking session, it is now possible to cherry-pick the most valuable contacts across all fields, and be updated on them instantly.

What’s more, with specific relevance to Twitter, if you’re interested in all the members of a particular band, magazine team or perhaps newsroom, the app makes slotting all of their Tweets together into an easily distinguishable whole just that little bit easier.

It’ll also open your preferred Twitter client, should you dislike Boxcar’s own interface for any particular reason.

Naturally, if the idea of receiving push notifications every time an acquaintance has breakfast seems like some sort of living hell, rest assured you can restrict the app’s functionality to certain times (though sadly not days of the week).

The app did seem a little too prone to crashing upon various commands for our liking though, and this otherwise generous gesture does rely upon advertising support to survive (unless you’re okay with the £4.99/$9.99 ad removal fee), but there’s little denying Boxcar’s streamlining functions are pretty useful in this multi-multimedia world.

Rated 4 out of 5

Essential programming for the social network user who loves to network just that bit too much.