Bottom of the Ninth 01

Bottom of the Ninth 01

The start of a comic book experience like no other

It will only take a page or two of Bottom of the Ninth to convince you exactly how unique an experience this is. In essence, the app is an interactive comic book, but unlike many of the others you would place in this genre, Bottom of the Ninth has entirely animated and acted panels.

These tend to jump off the virtual page at you, adding real vibrancy to an already engaging world. You will witness fantastic facial expressions, rippling hair, and smoke clouds that dazzle you instantly.

The stunning artwork is the doing of Ryan Woodward, a Hollywood artist who has several movie blockbusters on his CV. Woodward has created a dystopian world dominated by The Corporation, yet at the same time clings to old-fashioned Americana and a day at the ballpark, thanks to the emergence of ‘New Baseball’ as the sport of the age.

The classic element of the atmosphere is not just limited to the story; the app is designed like an original comic, complete with adverts in the back for X-Ray glasses.

The tale focuses on the sport of New Baseball and the appearance of Candy Cunningham, the first girl ever to play the sport professionally. This first issue details her first appearance, and is really just a taster of what is to come from future editions in the series, but it does a wonderful job of grabbing your attention and not letting go. There’s a fair argument for the case that the issue itself if quite short, but there is a good amount of animation and content squeezed in. Each page comes with something to interact with, whether it be to trigger an animation or sound effect.

The short tutorial you are pointed towards upon first opening the app quickly shows you how to look out for animations – an icon in the corner.

In short, Bottom of the Ninth is not to be missed if you have any interest in comics. In fact, if you just love your device and new ways of showing it off, then this app should be on your radar.

Rated 5 out of 5

A promising start that has the potential to redefine comics.