Boson X

Boson X

Boson X

Boson X for iPhone, iPad and Android is a quantum leap forward for the infinite runner genre

The story behind Boson X involves a scientist searching for subatomic particles in a Large Hadron Collider-style accelerator. It is flimsy, shallow and hardly realistic, but no story is actually needed. This is a variation of the popular endless-runner games in which you run into the screen jumping left and right to avoid obstacles. The gameplay has been stripped down to the bare minimum, yet it works brilliantly and it is very addictive. Once you start playing you can’t put it down and it has that elusive ‘Just one more go’ quality that many games strive to achieve, but few do.

Imagine running down a tunnel that is floating in space, so there is nothing outside of the walls. As you run down it, there are missing pieces, so you have to dodge them by moving left or right. There are gaps that must be jumped and sometimes the walls almost completely disappear, leaving just the odd block here and there. You must jump from one to another – blue ones give you extra speed and power, while red ones fall away.

You will quickly be hooked on this game, but apart from changing colour schemes, there is little variation in gameplay. The longevity must be questioned and it’s hard to say whether you will still be playing it a month from now, but you certainly will for a while at least. It’s great fun.

Rated 4 out of 5

A fast-paced running game that requires fast reactions and quick thinking.