Boost 2

Boost 2

Boost 2

The original tunnel racer is back

In 2009 Boost 3D impressed with its high-speed racing, slick frame rate and addictive gameplay. Finally it’s getting a release on Android with a new name, some additional modes and, perhaps most importantly, that same level of addiction.

It’s a simple idea: as the camera races into the horizon you avoid obstacles to earn the highest score. You control the game through tilt control, which accommodates subtle shifts and quick reactions. Get struck once, however, and it’s all over. That’s where boosts come in: have at least one boost and you’re safe from a single strike. Gather three boosts and your score will increase faster, adding an element of strategy and risk to the game. There’s more to Boost 2 than that though. While the obstacles themselves are randomised, your route is not. The track, which begins as a tunnel, soon begins to bend and twist as you career along its course. It may stretch out into a flat plane, or you may be riding the outside of the tunnel trying to pre-emptively evade incoming blocks. It’s satisfying to reach an area you haven’t already mastered, but this is made all the more compelling with Boost 2’s smooth-as-butter frame rate and responsive tilt controls.

The new gameplay modes don’t add quite as much as we might have liked, but they’re still welcome additions. Time Trial tasks you with reaching as far a distance as possible; the focus on gathering boost to increase the remaining clock time mixes up the challenge a little. After reaching a commendable distance in Time Trial you’ll unlock Survival, which alters the course and the types of blocks you’ll face. Again, there’s not much difference but it does vary an already excellent game just a little.

Despite the many clones that have emerged since Boost first arrived on the scene three years ago, few have managed to replicate its fast-paced skill.

Rated 5 out of 5

An excellent tunnel racer updated and now open to Android gamers.