Bloomberg Radio+

Bloomberg Radio+

Bloomberg Radio+

Listen to in-depth interviews and insightful analysis from the financial world on demand

Delivering an enlightening and analytical view of the world’s financial, business, economic and investment markets, Bloomberg Radio+ broadcasts 24 hours a day from Manhattan, and through this app you can get streamed live content and on-demand highlights from the past few weeks.

The main menu provides a live link, the day’s best interviews and all the latest news, while a live ticker rolls across the screen providing the very latest share prices and market data of the companies that matter. You can personalise and add companies via the ‘Settings’ screen.

By tapping on the ‘Menu’ tab, you can also get instant access to on-demand content, which includes an impressive A-Z of popular shows and presenters, as well as particular companies and people that are featured on the various shows. A full schedule of programmes and presenters is useful for newcomers to pick out shows that may be of interest, and if you have to break away from listening to something you can save the content and listen to it at your leisure whenever it’s convenient.

The whole interface is geared towards pushing the most exciting content to the listener in as quick and easy a manner as possible, but there are still plenty of extra elements and features to explore, such as bios of guests and charts, that you can digest as they are referenced during a particular show or interview. All in all, it’s quite brilliant.

Rated 5 out of 5

A slick and professional app for helping you get a well-rounded lowdown on all things financial.