Bloom HD

Bloom HD

Create your own ambient loops to chillax to

There are a lot of ambient music apps out there for your iDevices, many purporting to offer, in whatever way they can, a relaxing background soundtrack to relax or fall asleep to.

What they don’t offer you, though, is what the original Bloom and now its HD brother do – the ability to compose your own tracks for you to pass out to.

Thanks to the sheer usability of the app, this is made possible even if you have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. Created by renowned ambient musicians Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers, Bloom HD is an aural and optical treat that some will claim brings together audio and visual art for  all to enjoy.

We don’t necessarily disagree with that claim, but we do instead want to concentrate on the fact that Bloom HD is surprisingly fun to simply experiment with.

It’s very easy to accidentally create a 30-second loop of relaxing sounds that can be
left on in the background for an hour or more without you even noticing that it’s actually a short, repeated piece of near-random sounds.

It’s just that, kind of relaxing. If you don’t want – or can’t be bothered – to create your own sounds by arbitrarily tapping anywhere on the screen, you are free to simply let the app do its own thing, in the process coming up with random, endless compositions.

These – as with the manual ones – can be modified with a number of options for different sounds and looks. In the event, it all comes together nicely, and is great to fall asleep to.

Rated 4 out of 5

Unlimited in composition while simultaneously limited in scope, Bloom HD is nevertheless hypnotic, captivating and fun.