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Honey for the ears? on iPhone could just be your music library solution offers a literal interpretation of ‘music library’. Just as you would check a book out of your local library, offers a unique ‘borrow and return’ policy, which allows you to download tracks, then return them for something else. Unlike public libraries, there is no due date, and you can even share music with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter, but there is a catch – depending on your subscription, you can only borrow so many songs per month.

Unlike rival services, offers a basic free package – unlimited streaming of a genrebased radio, but no offline listening, and music discovery searching. Music discovery takes the form of a spider diagram in which tapping on bands reveals similar artists and double tapping reveals a discography with music to sample. Premium services start at £1.49 in the App Store (just £1 on the website) for 20 tracks a month, £6.99 for 200, or unlimited downloads from their 16 million strong collection for £13.99.

The UI deserves special commendation for being fluid and functional. Sliding to the right on listed tracks to return them is great. Alas, Bloom. fm is currently only available in the UK, but the company aspires to expand internationally.

Rated 5 out of 5

Both a music streaming and discovery app, wrapped in a very yellow, very functional interface.