Blixt for review

Blixt for review

Blixt for review

Could this minimalist download save the social network?

For those who just cannot encapsulate their thoughts into 140 characters, there is, an ad-free social network that lets you write messages of up to 256. Blixt is a client for, letting users navigate the network on their handset in the most simplest of ways – so simple that you often swipe around to see if it does more than it appears to. It doesn’t.

This cut-down approach to the interface means you can view profiles and check any mentions. But you can also have multiple accounts, quickly switching between them. The good thing is that everything feels so slick. There’s no lag and scrolling is immense. isn’t the most popular of services but it’s worth being a member just to use this.

One of the nice touches is access to an in-app web browser that opens in a full screen. You can send content to a reading list, post, copy or email the URL, or open it in Safari. Writing messages is also a joy with a screen count keeping a tally of your characters. You can add images too. Best of all, Blixt allows for text to be turned into a link. All you need is to have a URL saved in the clipboard and it will be detected and included.

Blixt hs no private message facility and the app crashed on us a couple of times but they were small issues. They certainly didn’t affect the overall enjoyment.

Rated 5 out of 5

Minimalist yet bold, Blixt for is a smooth-scrolling beauty that social networkers will love.