Blek Review

Blek Review

Blek Review

Become the Picasso of gaming with this great game for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Blek is the kind of game that the iPad and iPhone were made for. It’s deceptively simple – remove all the coloured dots whilst avoiding the black ones – yet addictive and, weirdly, personal. The singular game mechanic has you tracing out a line on the screen which then clones itself once you lift your finger. Draw a line up, then left, and you’ll see the black squiggle of ink repeatedly travel up, then left, then up, then left until it falls off the screen.

But it’s not just your shape Blek replicates; it also mimics your drawing speed and indecision. So if you find yourself lingering for a little while, your ghost line will linger, too. Despite being such a simple concept, it’s incredibly fulfilling. Even when we got stuck on puzzles, we just had fun sketching out looping shapes on the paper-like canvas that Blek uses as its background.

Where some of the puzzles have only one solution, others will task you with finding your own way to solve a problem. Everything begins gently, with a slight difficulty incline hitting you every five levels, until you get into some of the most tantalizing brain-teaser territory we’ve ventured into. Blek’s 60 levels will force you to think laterally to overcome its creative design, and there won’t be one single solution that won’t cause you to go, ‘ahh, of course’.

Rated 5 out of 5

Blek gives purpose to doodles and makes mastering the touch-screen interface look easy