Big Lens

Big Lens

Big Lens

Take control of aperture effects and get creative

The iPhone’s camera is becoming a popular way to take photos, and with functions such as HDR, flash and grid lines, you can capture some fantastic shots. However, one thing it lacks is the ability to take creative control. Luckily, there are apps that allow you to improve your images further, and Big Lens is one that adds a key photographic feature to your captures – depth of field.

Big Lens allows you to load or take a photo and fake an aperture by blurring areas of it out. You can choose to replicate f1.8 up to f3.8, which keeps your subject in focus and blurs out the background. You can dictate what area is kept in focus and which parts you’d like the app to blur. It’s a simple process that in Basic mode requires that you move a circle or horizontal line with your fingers to the area to be kept in focus, then pinch to zoom and rotate this focal point. In Advanced mode you can lasso areas or paint sections with your finger, and use an eraser for more accurate results.  There are other options too, such as different shapes for your lens, which simulate a bokeh effect in the blurred section. There are also filters, such as lomo, flare, sepia and black and white. Once you’ve created the effect, you can share it via email, Facebook, Picasa or Dropbox.

The fundamental problem with this app, however, is the lack of precision. You can reduce the size of your brush, but it’s still too big to accurately cut around shapes. Using your finger also means it’s hard to precisely get all of an object in focus without the edges starting to blur. It’s never going to look like you’ve actually used a large aperture to take the photo, but the results can be a pleasing alternative when you can’t take creative control of your settings straight from the camera.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great substitute for the in phone camera app, and produces excellent photos.


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