Keep your SMS conversations with a loved one private

For the last few years we’ve been getting increasingly social. Facebook and Twitter are now part of everyday life and we converse with ‘virtual’ friends more than ever before – yet the conversations are not very personal. Neither, come to think of it, are emails or text messages.

That is where Between comes into its own. It’s an app aimed squarely at the narrowest of social networks – that between two people. Nobody can pry into this particular conversation because it’s password protected, and while that means it’s the perfect app for a secret tryst, it is also useful for cutesy talk between couples.

Sign-up is straightforward. You and your partner need only download the app and input your respective email addresses, telephone numbers and a nickname each. The messages appear instantly on each phone and are chained like texts.

Taking a cue from Facebook, the profile area of the app enables you to add your picture and create status updates so your partner can keep track of you.

All of this is wrapped up within a beautiful interface with icons that let you jump from section to section. We thought it would be more fiddly to set up than it actually was, which pleasantly surprised us. Even though only one of us had an account to begin with, all you have to do is hit refresh once the other person has signed up and the connection is instantly made.

If we are being a bit niggly, we’d say it’s just one more app to remember to check and keep up with on a regular basis – or else feel the wrath of your partner! But it could also save your bacon; for instance, the birthday and anniversary reminders alone make the app worth signing up to.

Rated 5 out of 5

Puts the privacy back into social networking: complete winner.