Bento 4 for iPad – Personal Database

Bento 4 for iPad – Personal Database

Get organised with the most comprehensive data-collection app your iPad has ever seen

When it comes to organisation, there are two types of people – those who make lists and those who think they’ll remember stuff. And the beauty of this app – full of database love though it is – is that it caters well for both classes by not being too fiddly, yet with enough depth to make hardened list-takers giddy with excitement.

What immediately hits you about Bento 4 is that if there is anything in this world that can be listed and categorised, then this app has the facilities to accommodate it; from inventories to appointments, event planning to project managing, you simply choose a project – which then forms part of your own individual library – and can then go about factoring in information to ensure it all remains logged and safely stored for times of need. The drag-and-drop tools make it easy to tailor databases to your own personal preferences, and there are 40 themes included so you can give your projects an inspiring facia. Practically any type of data can be stored within the app – including text, numbers, dates, times, images, GPS coordinates, voice memos and much more besides, and if need-be, the app is capable of calculating formulas, including sums, averages, values etc, within a few taps.

It’s a stunning package with so much depth and versatility you’ll constantly find yourself challenging it to record new data – but it handles everything with consummate professionalism, and is an absolute steal at the price.

Rated 5 out of 5

A stunningly deep and versatile data-recording tool. We could almost say it’s life-changing.


  • Roshan Shrestha

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