Beatwave review

Beatwave review

Beatwave review

Beatwave is an impressive music-making app with plenty of depth and flexibility

Being able to compose tunes with a few taps of the finger is an appealing prospect whether you’re a seasoned musician or a complete beginner and therein lies the beauty of Beatwave — returning in a revamped, refreshed version 2.0 skin, the app lets you use grids to layer repeated beats and melodies on top of each other.

Ten instruments are included for free with the app, with another 200 available as in-app purchases, or you can buy the whole shebang and upgrade to the Pro level for a respectable £6.99/$9.99 (Beatwave Pro 1.0 users get the upgrade for half price).

Beatwave is intuitive and straightforward enough to be able to dive straight in with no introduction — just tap a few dots on the grid and press the play button. To take advantage of the advanced features, however, you’ll need to run through the tutorial. Everything is easy to get to grips with, and you can very quickly create some catchy tunes even if you’re just experimenting and exploring the different options on offer.

The app is geared more towards electronic sounds and structured compositions, but there’s still plenty of flexibility in terms of what you can create — echo, flange, overdrive and tremolo are some of the effects you can overlay on top, for example, and you can layer up to four different instruments on top of each other.

There are options to share your creations to SoundCloud and social networks, but Beatwave’s greatest strength is its depth. You can fool around for a few minutes with it or take an afternoon to plan out an audio masterpiece, and the app will keep right up with you, particularly if you invest in the Pro upgrade. Even if you’ve never made music before, you’ll feel like a maestro after a few minutes with Beatwave.

Rated 4 out of 5

The new Beatwave is better than ever, a treat for musicians at all levels.