A steady and stylish metronome to keep time

Beatronome is a metronome, and as such, it fulfifils its primary function of keeping time admirably.

There’s really not that much more you need to know about the app, but it does have a couple of extra features up its sleeve. You can make some adjustments to the way it keeps a beat, including a BPM range of anywhere between 30 and 210, and you can also set the beat and bar counts as well as the beat patterns.

There are lots of metronome apps on the App Store already, of course, and many of them are free, so Beatronome hopes to stand out from the crowd with its classy presentation. The basic blocks of colour look very nice on screen, but their secret weapon is how big, bold and easily readable they make the info being displayed. All the better for keeping an eye on while you play along with a musical instrument. Furthermore, being a universal app, Beatronome will also work on iPad – it’s on this medium that the gorgeous interface really gets to shine.

So is the app worth the small charge when there are plenty of free alternatives available out there? To be honest, probably not for most – the functionality is as standard. But then it’s only 69p isn’t it? That’s much cheaper than a real metronome, and a highly justifiable amount to spend if you appreciate the aesthetics of the app as much as we do.

Rated 3 out of 5

It’s a metronome that looks nice, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are in need of a metronome and like pretty things, go for it.