Beatles Diary

Beatles Diary

Beatles Diary

It’s the ‘Fab Four’ as you’ve never seen them before…

So much has been written about the Beatles since they conquered the world back in the Sixties, so many photographs have been printed and, of course, so many recordings have been heard through the years that even the most die-hard fans may feel like they know it all.

Which is why this expertly compiled collection of anecdotes, never-before-seen photographs and videos is a great app for fans to expand their knowledge of the band and gain a greater insight into the personalities and group dynamics shared in the planet’s biggest band.

This app has been put together with the help of Alf Bicknell, the Beatles’ former chauffeur, bodyguard and confidante from the mid-Sixties onwards and is packed with insightful accounts, such as when he unwittingly destroyed George’s famous ’57 Gretsch Duo Jet guitar by not securing it tight enough to the back of their car travelling from Blackpool to London through to the, sadly, undocumented first meeting and impromptu jamming session between the band and Elvis Presley that took place in Los Angeles.

The app is broken down into, fittingly, four ‘fab’ sections – a photo gallery, movies, rare documents and a ‘bonus’ section dedicated to Alf himself and full of cherished photographs of his years spent clinging to the coat tails of what must have been the most insane era of British music in Beatlemania.

Alf himself, who presents many of the well-edited videos, comes across as instantly likeable and he shares his memories with enthusiasm and clarity, often speaking on location outside many of the buildings and establishments that played such important parts in the bands coming together and subsequent success.

Sadly, as charming as this app is, it isn’t without fault. When browsing through the photo archives your natural instinct is to hold your phone in landscape orientation to view them in their entirely, yet the photos remain rigidly in portrait, forcing you to scroll from one side to the other.

Also, when viewing the annotations there is no option to remove the text box from the screen without first opening up the picture, which is annoying if you simply can’t remember which ones you’ve already viewed.

Petty gripes aside though, Beatles Diary is a well-produced, though slightly over-priced app that fans will love.

Rated 4 out of 5

A well-produced and genuinely insightful app from one of the band’s most trusted allies.