BeatEvolve Review

BeatEvolve Review

BeatEvolve might just be the next step in music creation, right here on iOS

Music creation on smartdevices is a great area to explore for any wannabe artist – as well as those more established in the craft. BeatEvolve is another app to add to the pile of those that allow you to select instruments, lay out where your beats go, change tempo, and so on. It’s functional and straightforward, and in no time at all it’s easy to create some pleasant sounding tracks. It is, in this regard, pretty unspectacular and not worth the price of entry.

All in all it would have been a pretty uninspiring package, were it not for the addition of the evolution system. It’s tough to do the Cellular Automata system justice in such a small amount of space, but it basically sees your creations ‘evolve’ according to predefined rulesets – either included templates or ones of the user’s creation. And it means your music can modify itself – grow, almost – as it goes.

It’s fun to play about with and, if you put real thought into it, can be used to make some wonderful, growing, ever-changing melodies. You won’t be creating music to the level you could with something as impressive as GarageBand, but BeatEvolve manages to provide something interesting and fun to what could otherwise have been a forgettable app.

Rated 4 out of 5

Not quite the music creation tool we expected, but fun and robust nonetheless