Beat On – Advanced Metronome with Training Modes Review

Beat On – Advanced Metronome with Training Modes Review

Beat On – Advanced Metronome with Training Modes Review

A feature-packed iOS metronome for pro musicians and hobbyists alike

Beat On is a modern version of a clockwork metronome that clicks the beat as you play music on the guitar, piano, violin, drums or whatever your preferred instrument is. Using an iPhone as a metronome might seem a technological overkill, but the app offers a surprising array of features.

To get started, you can tap the time signature button, which enables you to choose from a range of timings, such as 4/4, 3/2, 6/8 and so on. You can also divide the beat into half, quarter or eighth notes or triplets. The time signature and tempo are displayed in the centre and rotating the grey ring changes the tempo. The outermost ring is divided into beats that light up in time and beats can also be emphasised or silenced.

Of course, you’ll never hear the iPhone when your guitar amp is cranked up to 11, but if you put it in your pocket, it can also vibrate on the beat, so you can feel it instead. If you are playing in a band, just prop the iPhone up where everyone can see it and the camera flash will signify where the beat is. This is a clever touch that indicates just how much thought has gone into this app.

Beats can be named and saved for recall later and examples are provided. A large number of configuration options are provided and there are lots of beat sounds, audio balance, tempo accuracy and more. This is a fantastic app for any musicians, professional or otherwise, looking to add to their rehearsal experience.

Rated 5 out of 5

Everything you could wish for in a metronome and an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their timekeeping technique.