BBC Earth Wonders Review

BBC Earth Wonders Review

BBC Earth Wonders Review

Discover more about Earth’s most amazing creatures and landscapes with BBC Earth Wonders on iOS

The BBC has produced some incredible TV documentaries over the past few years, exploring the majestic creatures and stunning landscapes found across the globe. Featuring content from shows such as Planet Earth, Life and Frozen Planet, the BBC Earth Wonders app brings this wealth of information to your phone or tablet.

From the home screen you can choose from a number of topics to dive into, including Land, Water and Air. Tap on an option and you’ll be shown the wealth of content of offer in that section. Whether you’re interested in deadly speed, night hunters or awesome aurora, there’s plenty here to satisfy every enquiring mind. Each topic displays a gallery of beautiful images, accompanied by educational information and a short video. From here you can also select the ‘View on Globe’ button to be taken to a full-screen image of Earth, displaying the location in which the creature or landscape can be found.

Navigating around the app is made simple by the slide-out menu bar. You can also view a picture of the day and download extra video resources, as long as you’re connected to the internet.

As an educational tool, this app is a fantastic resource. Discovering more about some of Earth’s most magnificent creatures and places is made enjoyable through the high-quality images and concise and interesting information on offer. For the curious mind or anyone with an interest in the natural world, this is an essential purchase.

Rated 5 out of 5

Packed with fascinating facts and stunning images, it’s a great way to learn about our planet’s wonders.