Battleloot Adventure

Battleloot Adventure

An epic quest for glory and untold riches

When the king of Kameloot raises taxes to ludicrous levels, adventurers from across the kingdom flock to the city in search of battles, glory and as much loot as they can carry. The game opens with your lone warrior travelling to the big city while encountering others along the way.

As a turn-based role-playing adventure, this is rather light in the strategy department, but that shouldn’t stop veterans of the genre from checking it out, as there is depth here if you want to exploit it. Aside from a simple combat mechanic – that sees players tapping on enemies to attack and hitting their heroes to defend – there are plenty of skills to unlock, levelling up to be done and a massive store full of trinkets, weapons and armour. As you explore the kingdom, you will unlock tons of missions and replay them as many times as you like to earn more gold and evolve your crew.

Rated 5 out of 5

It’s almost criminal that this game is so cheap, given the hours of entertainment it provides.


  • TITLE=allSchedules;RATING=5;Description: allSchedules is an ubiquitous solution for checking Scheduled departures and Real-Time predictions.

    Interesting features:
    ☆ Ubiquity: multiple transport modes (bus, metro, tram, ferry and rail) in more that 100 cities.
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    Ideal for:
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    4- Foreigners that don’t know nothing about stop codes or route names.