Band Of The Day

Band Of The Day

Band Of The Day

That great feeling of discovering a new band – every day

There are few better feelings in the world than coming across a great new band, and immediately indulging in the process searching out their back catalogue as your infatuation grows.

Band Of The Day is designed with the purpose of giving you that feeling 365 days a year, as you are presented with a full biography of up and coming musicians each day of the calendar, itself forming the home page of the app, with the current day’s artist as the background picture. As a feature, it’s very eye-catching. From here, the options are impressive. With a single tap of artist’s name, you can see a full review of their music, along with a biography, social media information and multimedia content. The app includes a fully integrated music player, which includes a selection of songs from each band.

Crucially, it’s not just a clip; it’s the full track. Features such as this that enable the playback of full tracks are still thin on the ground in music apps, so it’s welcome to see this here. The interface is equally as impressive. With lots of grid pattern-style movements, it would be easy for it to become clunky, but it’s always smooth. This is great, because you’ll do plenty  of moving around within this map given the amount of drop menus and swipes and scrolls that are on offer, offering the possibility to uncover content.

The best part is you never feel overwhelmed by the amount on offer; if anything, you’ll feel delighted that your hunger to find out more about this new sound can be quickly satisfied.

Rated 5 out of 5

The removal of the subscription service is a masterstroke, and ensures BOTD is a must-have app.


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