Bamboo Paper – Wacom notes for stylus

Bamboo Paper – Wacom notes for stylus

The new whiteboard app with a difference

The App Store is rammed full of simple and effective ways to doodle down notes and quick sketches as inspiration strikes you, so why should you give a fig about Bamboo Paper?

Well, apart from being free to download, it’s certainly one of the best apps we have encountered in terms of a clean and effective interface, and most importantly, response.

When using apps such as this, there tends to be an annoying delay – only usually a micro-second, but noticeable nonetheless – in actually sketching or writing onto the pad and the lines forming.

We have noticed this when road-testing styluses in the past, and it has the potential to knock you off-kilter and disrupt your creative flow. But there are no such problems with Bamboo Paper, where what you want to sketch is implemented as soon as your finger or stylus nib touches the pad, and it’s very refreshing.

Using this app is a breeze. You can swipe the corner to bring up a fresh page; press down to call up a menu of different pen sizes, colours and simple editing tools, such as an eraser; and the option to completely clear the page, as well as a handy bookmark are accessible from a top menu.

There is also an option to skip back to the ‘front cover’ whereby you can change the colour, select the style of paper (clear, lined, graph) and print out your entire book, if you should so wish. There is plenty to do, and iPad sketching enthusiasts should be kept busy for a while.

Rated 5 out of 5

An easy-to-use and responsive ideas-sketching app that is leagues ahead of the competition.