Bad Piggies HD Review

Bad Piggies HD Review

Time to see things from the pigs’ perspective

Its been a game that has threatened to come along for some time, but Rovio have indeed finally decided to let iOS and Android gamers find out what things are like from the pigs side of their famous feud with a certain set of angry birds. Bad Piggies is best described as having traits of Rovio’s previous major releases, in that there’s the physics-based puzzles that make Angry Birds consistently popular, while the contraption building is reminiscent of the imagination and ingenuity required to succeed in Amazing Alex.

In short, each level sees you having to transport the pig safely to a shard of map that leads them to the much-coveted eggs. In order to do this you have to construct an array of ramshackle vehicles in order to get them across and over the various terrain. It won’t come as much of a surprise that firing a pig off a cliff in a rickety car using dynamite makes for very enjoyable gaming. The start area is a grid where you must build your contraption, complete with porcine passenger, getting the balance right and ensuring you have the necessary components for the various obstacles you face. In your arsenal is a ridiculous array of tools to help you on your journey, ranging from fizzy cola bottles for propulsion, to umbrellas and balloons to give you height.

As well as the main chapter of the game, there is the Sandbox for your more inventive and creative side. With each level you complete within the main game you unlock pieces that are added to your sandbox. This is a great proving ground for testing theories to try out within the actual game, and with different sandboxes themed to different chapters you can focus on the craft you want to build.

Even if you’re not the biggest Angry Birds geek, this has raised the bar in terms of gameplay thanks to the addition of the sandbox level, and the depth to your playing experience. There’s more than simply the puzzle of getting from A to B to solve.

Rated 5 out of 5

A new way to play; Bad Piggies deserves to stand alone.