Awesome Note for iPad Review

Awesome Note for iPad Review

Be mega organised with this all-in-one tool

Awesome Note for iPad calls itself the most innovative all-in-one life organiser and, when you look at what it packs in, you can see it does this with some justification. For a start, its interface is smart and appealing. It takes your wallpaper as its backdrop, dividing the screen up well with a list of the day’s tasks running down the right-hand side in a tidy window. A calendar and some useful functions are located at the top and to the left and there are a series of very colourful folders.

When you first open up Awesome Note, you will see that some of these folders will have some entries by the developers. This is a tad frustrating but you can easily delete and tidy them away. Each of the folders can be renamed to suit your needs. You can assign them an icon and a colour scheme and also choose the default settings for each one to save you time and hassle in the long run. When you open each of the folders, the format is largely the same: there is a calendar displaying the current month and beneath it any tasks assigned for a particular highlighted day. They can be sorted by the date modified or created, or by name, due date and priority, all of which helps to make searching rather easy.

Indeed, it only takes around ten minutes or so for you to get to grips with the app and work out what it can do. You can sync with your existing Calendar and Reminders and manage them as a folder. The app also works with Google Drive and Evernote, which makes it a great integrated app.

With an app like this we are keenly aware of the need for protection and thankfully it has a passcode function. Everything also works offline too. In putting this app through its paces, it crashed once when we were looking to attach some photos to a note. However, in every other respect it appears to be robust, which is important for something that could be at the centre of everything you do each day. It’s an app that we’re finding it hard to live without.

Rated 5 out of 5

Beautiful, useful, integrated and complete, Awesome Note cuts out the need for organisational app hopping.