Avoid – Sensory Overload Review

Avoid – Sensory Overload Review

Avoid – Sensory Overload for iPhone, iPad and Android is a challenging arcade runner

Avoid – Sensory Overload is one to avoid if you don’t like a challenge. Invoking the spirit of arcade games gone by, you will hear the words “Game Over” and “Begin” so many times, you will recite them in your sleep. But with sheer determination, and the deepest concentration, you’ll be richly rewarded. It doesn’t forgive slip-ups easily but the sense of achievement when you get a high score is immense.

Avoid is an arcade runner, the idea being that you steer a spaceship left and right to avoid holes, boxes and other obstacles that may well present themselves, in the hope of getting as far as you can without slipping off the edge, smashing into something or careering down a hole. The stark, futuristic graphics (or at least the future as envisioned back in the 1980s, almost certainly the decade this game takes inspiration from) are accompanied by electronica music. It’s almost WipEout re-envisaged for a bygone age.

There are in-app purchases to consider. The LaserDance Theme and SynthRock Theme cost 69p/99c each and we can see other themes becoming available in the future. They don’t effect the gameplay, they just give you the opportunity to customise the game’s chiptune soundtrack. Those who remember the golden age of arcade gaming will lap them up. But the high death rate in Avoid accompanied by an almost hypnotic style of play won’t be for everyone. Unless you prove to be good at it, boredom and frustration kicks in early.

Rated 3 out of 5

One for hardcore gamers and it shows in its presentation but that's no bad thing. It's a challenge and half.