Auxy review: An alternative to GarageBand?

With so many apps aiming to make the creation of music as quick and easy as possible, it is never an easy ask for a new release to compete.

However, Auxy may have cracked the conundrum by building a solution that suits those who are new to music just as much as it suits those seasoned music makers who need to create songs and beats to aid their songwriting.

It uses a simple grid which you tap to open up a new panel where you can add a tune, bass or drum beats. This will then translate to a single part of the track at which point you can tap a new panel to build a sound which can either follow or play alongside your first creation. The process really could not be simpler and the clever way that complex tunes and a myriad of instruments can be selected really is quite unique in this area. It feels like GarageBand, but with every tool and sound presented to you with no barriers in the way at all, and it really does take less than a minute to understand how to utilise every feature within the app.

All of this comes together to widen the scope of potential users ranging from children randomly creating a tune with little care to professionals who want to create complexity in an efficient environment. To call any app perfect would be a stretch, but this one does come rather close.

Rated 5 out of 5

Auxy takes the goodness of GarageBand and makes music creation accessible to anyone.